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Resume Etiquette
Resume Evaluation
Resume Writing Services Austin Let's Get Picked 
Key Words to Get Your Resume Picked Past Scans Advantages to List and Other Things to Do

What the Job Requires & A Job Preparation Sales Kit

Job Preparation Four Pack
Dining Etiquette Business Etiquette
Grooming Etiquette & Dress Etiquette 

Financial Wellness Etiquette 

Get Etiquette  Outclass the Competition  

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Harold Almon 
Living Skills and Etiquette Coach 
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Resumes Etiquette Lessons

Resume Evaluation   Harold Almon

Resume Writing Services includes information on key words to get your resume past scans, advantages to list,  and other things to do,  what the job requires, listings, job descriptions,  cover letters, company fact sheets, applications, references, thank you letters, and  follow-on letters. 

Give a better response to g
et a better offer

What the job requires (what they need to see) after a vacancy. Learn job sales kit preparation,
work image and exposure relationships: what the job is (work,) what the job pays (image,) and what the pay will buy (exposure).

Know professional profile etiquette 

things contacts are waiting to see 
Maximize meta-tags and your internet exposure;
results You want without extra cost 

This class provides an excellent opportunity to learn (or brush up on) table manners: rules of etiquette used while eating, pre-steps, something to drink, USA menu and order of 1-3 courses, rules for setting a place setting for one, napkin rules, rules for bread and butter, using glasses at table, spoon rules, rest position, rules for using cutlery, eating American style, rules for using salt, how to eat chicken bone-in and steak with a place knife and fork, and rules on saying thank you and reciprocity. 

University Etiquette Lessons
Texas Eating Club Etiquette Lessons

Outclass the Competition Male Business Dress & Image Harold Almon Universities Etiquette University Etiquette

Outclass the Competition Male Business Dress & Image Harold Almon Universities Etiquette University Etiquette


Using Business Cards Etiquette 


Meet expectations in card kind use and design 
Lessons include a class  plus consultations

                            "A Card to Give in Kind" - A Handshake to Leave Behind

Also available

Etiquette Using Social and Business Writing Paper:  what your paper can say about you & do for you.  Designed to assist in meeting expectations in design, form, and usage of social and business writing paper, includes email signature etiquette

Organizing and Money Management 
Financial Wellness Etiquette

ICE In Case of Emergency Contacts

 Things to review before saying, "I do" to anyone.

Budgeting and Bill Paying: Contained herein is information on budgeting Net: what is left after withholding's  & how to keep more of it, (organizing and money management.)  (With the class you get a wallet review.) 

A Plan for "Just in Case:" w
hat is done when making a plan for having things done the way that you want- just is case.  

things to do  and things to know growing your (FICO) credit Score. 

Men Surviving the Parent Company:  -Things someone meant to tell you when you think you have had it.

Getting a Desired Change 

Getting a Desired Change What is Done After a Tort and Before Getting a Gun (a Lawyer.) Get Help. Get Your Name Back. Get Paid.  Deal effectively with different personality types.

Things to tell a tech young professional and upcoming graduate son (or daughter.) 

Appeal to get a desired change. Expose dirty tricksters by name. 

Rose Haroutunian Rose & Henry's Tailor Shop Tzoline Albert's Flower Shop Eric Parkinson Law Firm Warren Law Firm Associate Cory Richard Rogers Harold Almon Getting a Desired Change 

Personal Transportation
Things to consider when acquiring a car. Topics include types of cars, personal transportation, hiring a car and driver, car license, renting a car, buying a car for your budget: selling tactics used by salespeople, bargaining strategies, getting a certified mechanics' vehicle safety check, and a transportation review, and know if this car will stop you from buying a house. What is Done before saying I do (to anything or anyone.) 

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