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Male Business Dress & Image 
Professionals and Graduate Students 

Men's Business Dress Suit Etiquette  
Clothing and Accessories 

Twenty Percent of Success is Dress
Get a Better Look 

Learn Rules on Men's Business Attire and
Black Tie Tuxedo Etiquette 

Men's Personal Grooming and
Men's Business Etiquette to Know 

Things Expected from the Male Half
Link "Manners to Etiquette"  
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Male Business Dress & Image

Tying ties get a better tie knot
length and look  
Etiquette Guide Men's Business Dress

Men's Business Dress Suit Etiquette 

Learn about men's business office attire  

from shoes shirts tying ties business suits to 

men's business accessories.

Also Learn formal wear etiquette: day formal wear rules for a Stroller, and evening suit black tie etiquette: rules on how to wear what you may know as a Tuxedo.

Understand rules on wearing the company uniform and standing out from the crowd and emphasizing individual style.  Twenty percent of success is dress. Get a better look.  

Men's Personal Grooming  and 
Men's Business Etiquette to Know

Comprehensive Men's Business Body Grooming
Things Expected from the Male Half 

Male Hygiene Health & Personal Care: Men's-Body-Grooming-Things (a Male Needs) to Do: - this class will let you discover how to get hair that gets you noticed, how to pass the squint test and make your face not crack, and to take the fingernail test: how to  flash, and pass.     

Men's Business Etiquette - cool rules to know: traditions  governing  everyday social behavior, consideration, and taste: etiquette education: things of which college students need to know and be mindful.  

Lessons or Questions: 
Harold Almon
Life Skills Etiquette Coach Director Career Services
Professionals & University Graduate Students

Be at Ease School of Etiquette Austin
Thank you 

Community resident non-student or on demand university etiquette lessons available. 

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